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Daily Routine

Below is a brief outline of a typical day at Newby Early Years.

  • 8.40/8.50am
    Children arrive at School
  • 9.00am ish
    Whole group time - Register
  • 9.10am ish
    Group Time
  • 9.30am ish
    Free Flow
  • 11.00am
    Stop time, planning time, tidy up
  • 11.15/20am
    Songs/Story/Wow Stars
  • 11.25am
    Lunch time in hall
  • 12.00noon
    Departures/Arrivals - large group singing time/register
  • 12.15pm
    Lunch time - playtime
  • 12.50pm
    Group time
  • 1.00pm ish
    Free flow
  • 2.30pm
    Stop time, planning time, tidy up
  • 2.50pm ish
    Group time - chat about the day/library books etc - Key worker to decide
  • 3.00pm
    Ready for home - Coats, Bags etc
  • 3.10pm

Daily 'must-haves'

  • Packed lunch/dinner money
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy bags if needed
  • Full change of spare clothes
  • Coat
  • Clothes that suit the weather, - varying from a splash suit and wellies, sun hat to a warm hat
  • Gloves and scarf. (Please make sure ALL items of clothing are named)
  • Book bag – to send home letters, pictures your child has made and library books. (The school's)
  • Uniform shop & Rumours sell these)
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