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Info For Parents


Some tips that work for us:

  • Your child has a new book - look at the front cover –ask what it might be about point to things on the cover as clues
  • Read the book together chatting about the pictures, ask questions, guess what might happen next – don’t rush.
  • At the end of the story, talk about it – which was the best bit – go back to it.
  • Let your child to turn the page, but only when you’re both ready
  • Read the same book over and over again if that’s what your child wants.
  • Do they recognise any letters and / or sounds? Point to letters that are in their name and say the letter together. In time, they will see the shape of a word as a picture and learn what that word is!.

This is shared reading

For you and your child, It can happen anytime, anywhere - at bedtime, in the garden or even in the car.

Try and find a quiet area and little and often is best.

Use your fingers, encouraging your child to use their fingers to track the words as you read the story.

Lunch / Snacks
Medication / Asthma