Steve Liddle


Steve's career with NFF has spanned 22 years, and has nurtured it's growth by seeking high standards and close communication with schools. His focus today is around the provision of high quality, safe and exciting play and learning experiences.

"Looking forward I see a secure future for the Fun Factory serving the communities of Newby & Scalby and, in holiday periods the town of Scarborough as a whole"

Staff photos - Lindsay Ferrey.JPG

Lindsay Ferrey

Operational Director

Working across both provisions. Lindsay's experience and empathic approach enables her to lead the team of staff in a positive and productive way.

"Through play children express themselves fully and more directly than they do verbally. I understand that children are not just miniature adults they are far more unique and special than that!"

Staff photos - Toni-Ann Wood.JPG

Toni-Ann Wood

Team Leader

Toni is an enthusiastic member of the team, with a great passion for the care and development of the children. Working across both settings, she strives to ensure the children are happy, active, engaged and safe at all times.

“Working with children gives an amazing feeling of pride to see the children grow into their own individual, unique characters with our support and encouragement”

Staff photos - Leanne Sedman.JPG

Leanne Sedman

Senior Practitioner

Leanne is very creative within the setting, helping to build and develop activities and displays with the children. She has a strong relationship with children and parents, enabling communications to flow easily. Leanne’s organisational skills are valued by both sides of the setting and is proactive in taking her own initiative.

Staff photos - Pam Mallen.JPG

Pam Mallen

Team Leader

Pam’s passion is storytelling and is often seen using puppets and other props to tell a story, engaging every child.

“I love working with children and watching them grow and learn. They make you laugh with the little things they say and do as they learn”.

Staff photos - Nicole Heritage.jpg

Nicole Heritage


Nicole is an upbeat and fun character within the team. She is enthusiastic about helping and caring for all children to see them grow and develop in all areas. She has a passion for offering the additional help andsupport to those that may need it, be it physical development of personal development of children to make friends. She is not afraid to get messy!

Staff photos - Emily-Rose Smith.JPG

Emily Smith

Apprentice Practitioner

Emily loves supporting all children in their play. She especially enjoys working closely with the younger children, encouraging them to engage in a wide choice of activities.

Staff photos - Adel Spence.JPG

Adel Spence


Adel is a kind, fun and bubbly member of staff. Her passion is helping children to grow and develop through their learning and to help children realise they are all unique and equal. Adel is always developing children’s ideas particularly in the craft area as children make their masterpieces.

Staff photos - Sarah Glass.jpg

Sarah Glass


Sarah is a reliable and flexible staff member that enjoys supporting children in their play, especially creative activities.

Staff photos - Natalie Boniface.JPG

Natalie Boniface


Natalie is a valued and reliable member of staff and is known for her tidying and organisational skills across the provision. She says:

“I love watching children play as they demonstrate what they have already found out and experienced in a creative way”.

Staff photos - Sharon Bowes.JPG

Sharon Bowes


Sharon is a people person and ‘mucks’ in where needed to support other team members. She loves to watch the children develop and grow and supports them to become a caring, fun loving individual.

Staff photos - Karen Foster.jpg

Karen Foster

Personal Assistant

Although Karen has over 20 years childcare experience as a nursery nurse and having spent 4 of those years with the Early Years, she now works within the fun Factory office, keeping the daily running of the business going. But you will still see her during Fun factory’s breakfast club, playing and engaging with all the children.


Mikaela Lok


Mikaela is a valued member of the team and brings support throughout Fun Factory. She enjoys playing outside and getting creative with the children