Time To Think About Your Child’s Future

How Does Early Years Education Affect My Child?

Here in Scarborough, one of the earliest seaside resorts, our young children are our future. Our investment of time, understanding, caring and nurturing provides a stimulating environment for forthcoming generations.

Our county of North Yorkshire is a large one, with different landscapes and educational settings. 

With early years, pre-statutory school age education having such an important influence on the adults our children will become, Newby Early Years is an established and respected pre-school education provider.

We engage our youngest learners in ways that creates enjoyment, encourages interaction, communication skills and expands knowledge across the curriculum.

Problem solving, collaboration, empathy, effective play and supportive staff ensure your child will thrive at Newby Early Years.

Our team is fully qualified and have expertise in the pre-school environment. 

With low children-staff ratios, we discover each and every child as an individual as each and every child matters.

Our geographical location means we have a unique backdrop to our early years’ education provision. Scarborough has a fascinating history and of course is on the Yorkshire Coast, so there really isn’t a better place to be!

Newby Early Years includes vibrant and interesting indoor and outdoor learning environments supporting what each child knows already and providing a reliable, familiar place to acquire important learning and life skills that prepare young children for their future.

Would you like to join us?

We also have a Child Involvement Consultation

Parents are also involved, and we are so delighted when we get great feedback. One parent said: 

“We can’t thank you enough for the constant love, support, care and guidance you have shown our boys through the years … You’re an amazing team.”

You can download the application form on our policies
page it is never too early to do this!

We have our term dates on our website with the new autumn starting on Tuesday 8th September 2020

Newby Early Years is an important part of the local community and of the wider community as a whole.

Meet our dedicated team!

It is our aim and ethos to be part of the community, provide a safe and happy learning environment, to help children develop a sense of responsibility, to promote equality and positivity and to create active minds that will encourage social, physical, moral and intellectual development.

You can also get in touch with us by telephone: 01723 500511 or by our mobile phone 07800 967723